K Cup Conundrum

At this time we are very heavy hearted in saying that we cannot offer K Cups at this time.  As a small business there is a very real cost on packaging and getting set up for single serve packaging is not cheap.  We had considered out sourcing the packaging but that would go against what we strive to deliver, and that is the freshest cup of coffee available as we would have to ship the coffee out and then just have "Stock" of K Cups vs. roasting to order.


I am not willing to sacrifice quality to offer single serve cups nor am I going to pass the additional cost to package individual servings on to the customer. 


We suggest acquiring a reusable cup. I have a single serve machine at home. I have a reusable cup my kids and I use daily. Not as convenient but it gets the job done allowing us to enjoy fresh ground beans daily in the only machine Mama Dragon will tolerate on the counter.


Should the volume change or deal of a lifetime come along on a single serve packaging machine we will revisit offering K Cups.