Why Us?

Because we're the best! Duh. Taste is a fickle and subjective thing. We know our coffee is not going to be for everyone, maybe even most. Our beans are sourced and roasted for the freshest most flavorful cup of coffee you can get, not to taste like anyone else's brews. Although we roast with Dragon Fire, we seek all the subtle flavors found in the quality of a good bean. The subtleties of the conditions the differing beans are grown in, and it is very noticeable when roasted correctly. You should never expect to have a bitter tasting coffee due to over roasting. In our opinion bitter is bad and we avoid it. If you'er looking for the heavy, coffee forward, bitter burnt taste of some of the larger coffee companies out there, we will disappoint you. That is simply not what we want to produce. 

Our beans are ethically sourced from small independent organic farms all over the world. The diversity of location allows us to have subtle flavor palates. Everything from soil nutrients, annual rainfall, elevation, sunshine have an effect on the bean. You can expect each offering to have a full and complex taste that you will enjoy every time you lift your cup.